Observing the sky through sound

As human observers, we are used to watching the sky with our eyes only

What could we learn if we could actually listen to it?

SonoCelestia is an art and technology exercise on organic data that explores the intricacies of the earth sky by using a different channel to perceive it: audio

By decontextualizing nature’s information digitally, we can understand different phenomena that wouldn’t be appreciated otherwise

SonoCelestia uses propietary software, a PC, a camera and open source electronics to capture nature’s phenomena into digital data than can be further processed



Organic data is all about grabbing phenomena information from natural resources using digital technology and making use of it.

The system comprises different elements, which include a camera with a photoresistor, an arduino board and two softwares, one that captures information into a special very simple custom file format/protocol, and the other which produces the visual and audio output, including the optics.

At the end, every video was assembled by a Linux bash script that takes every image and creates a video with the corresponding audio. The first video tool that was used on any of those videos was the video player itself, as no video editing/making tools were used to create them, just code.

Technical file
Audio/Video collection

220 (E Castañeda) / 2016
Linux box, electronics, camera
Coded in Java and C

Complete list
- 2016-10-20 16:11:3 (r:16 i:40 m:120)
- 2016-10-21 12:50:14 (r:16 i:40 m:120)
- 2016-10-24 15:29:42 (r:16 i:40 m:120)
- 2016-11-4 13:36:46 (r:16 i:40 m:120)
- 2016-11-7 11:45:58 (r:16 i:60 m:220)
- 2016-11-14 12:47:0 (r:16 i:60 m:220)
- 2016-11-30 13:37:16 (r:16 i:60 m:120)
- 2016-12-5 12:46:1 (r:16 i:60 m:120)

Full HD (1920x1080) / stereo files available upon request

About 220

Transdisciplinary creator currently devoted to the philosophical development of meta.reality, a concept that intends to question the way every human builds it’s own abstraction of reality depending on their interests, cultural and biological context and it’s own cognitive limitations, beliefs and knowledge.

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